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Stress Less, Save More

Make every payment a payment towards your student loans. Get out of debt faster with Spared. It’s like student loan payments on autopilot.

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Put Money Towards Your Student Loans Doing What You Love

Spared wants to get you out of student debt so you can go and live life on your terms. Spared makes every transaction a payment towards your student loan. Spared automatically assists users pay down the principle of the loan to minimize interest charges and loan term by rounding up your everyday transactions to the nearest dollar. Spared is integrated with nearly every loan provider in the country, making it simple and efficient to use. View compatible loan providers here.

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See What Spared Can Do For You

Watch the video below to find out how you can cut up to 7 years off your loan payment or save up to $9,000 by using Spared.

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Invite Your Loved Ones To Help Match Your Round Ups

Paying for higher education takes a village. It’s one of the most expensive investments in life. Invite your loved ones to donate their spare change. Your loved ones can match your round-ups. The more people you invite, the faster you are able to pay off your loans. Get Spared.

invite your loved ones to spared
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