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Welcome To The Official Spared Blog

Who Are We?
Hi there! Welcome to Behind the Mask: The Official Spared Blog! I’m Ryan Lockwood, co-founder and CEO of Spared. I’m a veteran of the United States Navy and a former All-American athlete turned entrepreneur who just graduated with his MBA. During my time in school, people did a lot of talking about student debt. That was so much white noise to me until I had to take out some student loans myself. What an eye opener! Never one to pass up an opportunity to make my own life easier, I set about finding a way to make this problem more manageable. I knew paying over the minimum was ultimately the key to getting out of debt faster, but I also knew that there was a psychological barrier associated with actually making those extra payments. I wanted to figure out a way to automate it. The coins in my pocket gave me the final nudge of inspiration and Spared was born.

Most of the content you’ll see here will be written by me, but you’ll also hear from the rest of the team. We’ve got decades of experience at Spared in software development, design, finance, and marketing. We even have a team member that lives on a sailboat and works remote from amazing locations around the world. You’ll get a chance to hear from everyone about some of the unique challenges they face on a day-to-day basis building and launching a new brand.

Why Are We Blogging?

We’re curating this blog because we feel that we have value to offer; not just to our users but to anybody interested in student debt, personal finance, employee benefits, or just plain old entrepreneurship. Admittedly, most of the content will fall into those first two categories. But more to the point, we are facing an unprecedented challenge as a generation in the form of student debt. Its effects are far-ranging and have the potential for harm at both a personal and national level. Anything we can do to help people to navigate the tempestuous and murky waters surrounding this issue is a win in our book.

What Will We Be Blogging About?
Things you’ll find here:

Student debt news and management strategies
Tips for staying in control of your finances without going crazy
Ideas for attracting and retaining millennial talent
A transparent look at some of the hurdles faced by entrepreneurs
The occasional silly post with amazing accompanying GIFs

Everything we write about will reference recent news / studies and be reflective of the current environment. What good is information from two years ago?

Who Are We Writing For?

Most of our readers are college students and young professionals who are first being confronted with the harsh reality of life with student loans. Taking on that burden while trying to build a career and, I don’t know, feed yourself isn’t always easy. Useful, actionable information can and does make their lives significantly easier. But we also spend a lot of time interacting with parents, benefits professionals, and other startups so our content reflects that. If none of that interests you, hey, the internet’s a big place. Somebody out there is writing exactly what you want to read. Go find them!

How Can You Get Involved?
We love for readers to get involved in our process with questions, suggestions, and complaints. That can be in the comments section or via email ( You can also reach us on our Twitter page (@GetSpared) which is absolute 🔥. If you’ve got expertise in any of the areas we write about, hit us up. We’re open to guest blog posts from our audience!

We Can’t Wait to See You Again!