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You Are Not a Loan or Alone

Feel like you are the only one that has student loans? Wonder if there are any people out there who have paid off their debt? Sometimes you can feel stressed out and alone in trying to manage your life and your loan payments. But the good news is that while you may have a loan (or two), you are not a loan, meaning your identity is way more than the amount you owe. 

Plus, you are not alone since it’s estimated that around 71% of college graduates have loans. You may not know anyone right now who has paid off their loans, but by reading other people’s stories you’ll see how these people have lived their unique lives at the same time taking steps to pay off their debt. For instance, on Navient’s website, people who have paid off their loans are invited to post their story. You can read hundreds of short stories about real people that have been successful in eliminating their student loan debt in a number of ways. Click here to read Navient’s Customer Stories.

And, while student loans are rarely featured in films or TV shows, I am writing trilogy of novels about how student loans affect one millennial’s life. From extreme frugality to making extra payments, readers follow the main character, Sierra, on her journey from business school to the working world. Read more about Sierra in the first two books, The Right of Way and A Minor Detour.

Lastly, as you probably know, when you sign up for Spared, you can get your student loan debt under a little more control by making extra payments using your spare change. So, if you feel like you’re alone, know that you can join thousands of people that are making a dent in this massive $1.3 trillion student loan debt problem.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is that whether you’re trying to make a budget or making your payments, you are not a loan or alone.

L.B. Lewis is a self-published, indie author who writes books for millennials about first world problems relating to jobs, society and modern romance. Her work has appeared online in various blogs and websites. She has held a variety of jobs to pay off her loans and is an avid traveler. To read book reviews and short stories, visit: